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Chinese hot rolled steel price rose nearly 30 percent in the past three months

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Good quality Galvanized steel coil for sales
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Chinese hot rolled steel price rose nearly 30 percent in the past three months
Chinese hot rolled steel price rose nearly 30 percent in the past three months

Chinese hot rolled steel price rose nearly 30 percent in the past three months


     Since late April, the price of hot rolled is continued to increase, as of July 19, Material Q235B Specifications 5.5 * 1500 * C hot rolled coil domestic distribution market average price of 3810 yuan / ton (including tax), compared with April 20 2938 yuan / ton up 872 yuan / ton, or up to 29.68%.

Chinese hot rolled steel price rose nearly 30 percent in the past three months


Low stocks support hot rolled spot prices continue to rise

  According to the data show that since the beginning of April, hot rolled social stocks continued to decline in May and June week decline is as high as 100,000 tons or more, the market digestion is excellent, resulting in low volume of hot volume, support prices once high. As of July 14, the national total volume of hot rolled coil totaled 220.45 million tons, the weekly ring to reduce the 50,800 tons, compared with the beginning of April fell sharply by 904,900 tons.

   According to statistics, nearly three months since the survey of 37 hot rolled coil manufacturing enterprises hot coil factory inventory for 12 weeks, steel orders better, resources and then tightened again. As of July 14, hot coil steel plant inventory of 874,300 tons, for 6 consecutive weeks less than 1 million tons, down from the beginning of April 172,500 tons, 3 months since the highest point of inventory fell 307,100 tons.


Steel mills constantly raised prices. The cost of hot rolling orders is increasing.

   According to the survey, the current steel mills operating rate remained at about 80%, coupled with strong market digestion in recent months, steel ship no pressure, price power is still strong. In July the major steel mills introduced the basic price of hot rolled up mainly, and rose more than 100 yuan. In recent days, major steel mills once again introduced in August hot volume price adjustment policy, including river steel, Shougang, Wuhan Iron and Steel raised 300 yuan / ton, Benxi Iron and Steel prices raised 300 yuan / ton, Anshan Iron and Steel prices raised 350 yuan / ton. Hot volume orders, although rising prices, but prices are still rising expectations, traders order positive, steel orders smooth, very willing to be very strong.


Crude-steel production fell in the first half of this year.

   According to the National Development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments of the data, as of the end of May 2017, the national crude steel production capacity of 42.39 million tons to complete the annual target task 84.8%, June steel again to 16 million tons of production capacity, exceeding 50 million tons Mission targets, and the first half of 2016 national steel production capacity to complete only 30% of the year, we can see 2017 steel production capacity to enhance the speed of more than 2 times, helping steel prices continue to rise. As of the end of June, "Land Steel" is also planned to clear, the late will carry out inspections.

    Steel to produce a significant effect, a strong impetus to the healthy development of the industry, steel prices continued to pick up, driving the iron and steel enterprises operating conditions improved significantly, the first half of 2017 steel enterprises profit into the mainstream. According to the data, the total profit of key iron and steel enterprises from January to May 2010 was RMB37.885 billion, more than 2016 annual profit (33.15 billion yuan), and the sales margin was 2.68%, up by 1.36 percentage points from 2016.



Good support short-term steel prices are still up momentum

    The recent National Bureau of Statistics released semi-annual economic data report, the first half of 2017 GDP grew 6.9%. The domestic economy is stable and good momentum is obvious, infrastructure investment growth accelerated, real estate investment growth rate is limited, the market confidence to play a clear support.

    At present, the steel industry is stimulated by many positive factors, steel profits are generally higher, driven by profit, the steel production enthusiasm has increased again and again. Fortunately, short-term hot volume of the current situation is difficult to quickly solve the problem, coupled with the performance of the terminal can still, hot volume shipping in good condition, the price of high-dimensional high consolidation.

Business card hot rolled coil analyst Chen Lili that the recent hot coil prices or still up momentum, 5.5 * 1500 * C volume in North China market mainstream offer is expected to break through 3800 yuan / ton, the mainstream market in East China offer or expected to break through 4000 Yuan / ton

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